Beverage Licensing is a Challenge

Alcoholic beverage sales generate significant income for full-service restaurants. And the licensing renewal procedures for this critical revenue component are becoming increasingly complex and varied from state to state. Ensuring a business and its employees are in compliance requires a high level of specific knowledge, constant data management and significant resources.

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Risk
  • Free Resources

Barlap Benefits Your Business:

  • Eliminate searching through filing cabinets to locate pertinent licensing information.
  • Reduce administrative support time with electronic reminders for timely task administration.
  • Minimize managerial oversight by ensuring consistency and accuracy of required information.
  • Decrease consulting costs by capturing key institutional knowledge in a structured database system.
  • Capture regulatory knowledge in a secure technology framework.
  • Reduce system costs compared to internally supported systems—pay only for the services you need, with minimal system requirements.

Web-Based Permit Management System

Permit data is managed on-line, providing maximum flexibility and processing ease. BARLAP offers easy, secure, round-the-clock access to your licensing permit information from an Internet browser.

The Barlap System

BARLAP works with management teams from regional franchise operations to large,  multi-state corporate firms to improve their liquor license management processes and reduce operational expenses.  A system that improves the operational efficiency and accuracy of this critical process, BARLAP saves time and increases the processing capacity of existing permit staff.

Efficient Permit Processing

The BARLAP permit management system is designed to facilitate the processing and tracking of liquor license applications for companies interacting with  regulatory agencies. The system will expand to  multiple states and  to additional companies performing similar processing activities.

Timely Task Administration

Reduce administrative workload through centralized storage and retrieval of permit information. BARLAP adds a new level of administrative support through the system’s scheduled electronic reminders that automatically notify you of critical dates and activities required to manage permit data.

Accurate Documentation

BARLAP stores permit information necessary to complete proper renewal forms; providing consistent, accurate, and fast information access for multiple store locations. The information stored allows for effective renewal processing and license tracking activities.


Electronic Permit Date Reminders

BARLAP is more than a web-based storage mechanism. It is designed to simplify license activities through interactive reminders and electronic notification. BARLAP is a highly effective tool that will assist you with challenging state licensing requirements. See how BARLAP can automate your licensing process.

Frequently Asked Questions