2014-11-28: New Website Launched

We are excited to launch an new version of the BARLAP website.  Ready for desktop, mobile or tablet use - we hope the new site provides valuable information about out company and services. We have also moved the login page to a new CLIENT HUB - centralizing system access for all customers.  Thanks.Read more

2014-11-13: New Report Filters

Thursday, Nov 13, 2014  Check out the new filters that were added to the reports. These filters include: - is Blank: This filter will return results where the specified record doesn't contain data - is Not Blank: This filter will return results where the specified record contains data and is not blank - is Any Of: This filter will allow you to enter a list of search terms, separated by comma. The results provided will show any records containing any of the search terms in the specified field - is None Of: This…Read more

2014-11-12: Locations, Licenses and Entity Imports

We have added the ability for users with administrator rights to import new locations, licenses and entities into BLMS. Additionally, you can use this feature to update location, license and entity information (such as address and any custom fields) or to synchronize the location data in BLMS with data that you have from an external source. To use the Import Wizard, navigate to the Setup section and select the desired activity from the Imports and Bulk Updates section. You will then be guided through a few quick and easy steps in order to…Read more