2017-08-18: Redesigned BLMS Dashboard

Due to be released no later than August 24th, the long awaited Redesigned Dashboard is just about ready. We are very excited to launch the newly updated dashboard as we foresee it being very helpful to our current users. Please see the screenshots below for a sneak-peek into this exciting new release. Particulars regarding free training sessions will be posted as soon as the details are finalized. Check back soon for more information. While many of the changes on the dashboard are changes simply to the way the widgets work, one of the…Read more

2017-08-14: Updated Locations List

We recently released the updated Locations List page. This project updates the look, feel and functionality of the Locations page so that it contains the features implemented on the Licenses List page. The Locations List page now has the advanced filtering, the options menu, the ability to choose the columns to display, as well as the ability to edit from the grid.Read more

2017-08-09: Emailing Reports to Non-BLMS Users

As per popular demand, we've recently released a feature that will allow BLMS users to create and email reports to non-BLMS users. This functionality has been built into a few different areas of the Reports: When you click to customize a report, you'll see the 'Email Report' link. You'll be able to select existing BLMS users to email the report to. You will also be able to enter email addresses for recipients other than BLMS users. Once a report is generated, from the Generated Reports tab, you'll have the ability to email it,…Read more

2017-08-09: Associating a Professional to Multiple Entities

We recently released a feature that will allow users to create a professional and have the professional linked to multiple entities. Instead of having the entity listed as a field on the professional record, there is now an entities tab on the professional record where the associations can be managed. When creating a license for a professional: if there's only 1 entity associated to the professional, the license record will populate with the professional name and that entity name if there are multiple entities associated to the professional, the license record will populate…Read more