2015-02-10: AUDIT Tab – an Informative review screen

Regarding a question yesterday about restoring data, as I touched on briefly during the call, it depends what kind of data gets deleted.  Let's expand on this with a post for everyone. If an association gets removed, the actual data elements still exist, but the link relating them no longer does. Often times, the audit tab on a record will show the data element that was removed. This way, the user can recreate that relationship. If I disassociated a location, the audit tab will tell me which location, so I can just re-associate, if…Read more

2015-02-10: Activating License, but Dates don’t Change?

Activating License, but Dates don't Change?  Might be the License Frequency field isn't set. When a license filing is being completed, the last step is to ACTIVATE the license.  On that step, the new renewal dates will be calculated based on the data in the License Frequency Field.  If that field is empty, the step will not pre-load any new dates. Questions come in - "I Activated the License, but the dates didn't change - why?"  This might be reason:   EDIT the license, set the frequency field and save.  From there, on…Read more

2015-02-09: Entering No Filing Fees

Entering a Fee of Zero Monday, Feb 9, 2015 Due to popular demand, you will now have the ability to enter a fee of zero. You will now notice that in the "Complete Filing" dropdown in the workflow strip, there's a link saying "This form has no fees." You can click this link to enter a fee of zero. Note that this feature is also available on Contracts, Real Estate Leases and Violations for clients who have those sections enabled.Read more