2016-01-20: Missing the Comment Field?

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 Those of you who have been using the 'comments' field to store important licensing/filing information will be glad to note that due to your feedback, we've add the field back in to your BLMS license pages! When using the Classic design, the comments field will be in the same place you're used to seeing it: Please note that there is STILL a pinned note containing the data stored in your coments field. Updating the comments field WILL NOT update the pinned note.Read more

2016-01-07: Screenshots of the new BLMS look

Thursday, Jan 7, 2016 We are really excited to launch the Enhanced Version of BLMS! This upgrade includes a complete functional redesign to the BLMS license detail page. (Note: The enhanced version is now available in all browsers, including Internet Explorer.) Please take note that the aesthetics of the rest of the site will be changing mid-January to match the redesign as well. The purpose of this redesign is to keep visual consistency within the application and make small improvements to legibility. There's no need to worry! Although we are continuing to work…Read more