2017-02-27: Customizing Your Filing Timeline

Due to popular demand, we're making some changes to the enhanced workflow timeline to further improve the filing experience. These changes are expected to be released on Tuesday, 2/27 or Wednesday, 2/28. As before, please note that customizing the timeline is an administrator right. These changes include the following: Setting up the timeline in a central place: Now you can access the customization area by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen, clicking Setup, then clicking System Settings and then Filing Steps Timeline. Hiding steps: now you can hide…Read more

2017-02-02: Professionals to Locations Relationships

Many of our clients using the Professionals add-on module have requested that BLMS expose the relationships between those same professionals and the locations the professional licenses are now associated to. As of yesterday afternoon, this feature has been released. To see the changes, check out the Location records and the Professional records. You'll see a tab showing the relationships to the respective records. A professional record showing the location relationships: A location record showing the professional relationships:Read more