2014-09-17: New Date Filters

Check out the new filters we added to the Reports. These filters can be used on date fields. These filters include: in current year in current month year equals month equals past x days next x days (depending on the field) Using these filters will allow you greater flexibility when filtering on any date field.  Read more

2014-09-02: Setting Timeout Options

Do you find that throughout the course of the day, you're being logged out of BLMS and asked to log in again? Now you have the option to choose the amount  time without activity after which you'll need to log in again. To set this up, click on your name in the right hand corner of the screen and choose Preferences. Then click on User Preferences. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose an option from the dropdown.Read more

2014-08-27: NOTES Option on Renewal Tasks

Hi  - update on adding NOTES options on first and last steps in the filing workflow.  New option/box is there you might have seen. Adds the NOTE into the Filing process wizard, on SAVE, the note is created and added to the FILING in the NOTES Tab.  Now, can log those incoming (where did renewal come from notes, and also the how/where sent out notes you wanted to add during the process).  Hope this takes out those added steps to add those important notes to the process. Have great day, DJSRead more

2014-08-12: Opening Multiple Locations

Good AM, got a few questions about how one can open up multiple locations/views in the new BARLAP.  Several ways to do it – You can easily open up multiple locations at once, using some basic web shortcuts: Right click on the link (either location name/view) and select Open link in New tab/window Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the link For a mouse with a middle button, simply click using the middle button.     Once each page opens, you can navigate to a location or license or any record…Read more

2014-08-08: Removing a License from a Location

To remove a license, the license has to be disassociated from all other locations and links in the system.  Once it’s “on its own”, they you can delete it. To delete from a location. Find the License and select VIEW. Go down to LOCATION tab, see anywhere that the license is associated Select REMOVE on all and click the DISASSOCIATE button – (this removes any license links in the system) Once all Associations are removed, select RETURN TO LIST – go back to base License Page. From there, you can select and DELETE…Read more

2014-06-25: License Tasks – old vs. new

Put this together.,  When thinking about the Statuses in the WorkFlow Bar on new system, here’s how they compare the old flow… So easiest way to think of it… ACTIVE > FILED > ISSUED  translates to STARTED > SHIPPED > COMPLETED  on the worfkow bar now (with a couple more steps if you want to use them)  Read more

2014-06-01: New Barlap Alerts

Batch Renewals with Different Fees  Have you ever began a batch renewal but then realized you couldn't proceed since each filing in the batch had a different fee? This has now been corrected! In the batch renewal wizard, you now have the option to enter one fee for each license or to download a spreadsheet in which you can enter the fees, penalties and interest for each filing in the batch. Once the spreadsheet is imported into BLMS, the fees will have been entered on the filing level. You can then go ahead…Read more