2017-08-09: Associating a Professional to Multiple Entities

We recently released a feature that will allow users to create a professional and have the professional linked to multiple entities. Instead of having the entity listed as a field on the professional record, there is now an entities tab on the professional record where the associations can be managed. When creating a license for a professional: if there's only 1 entity associated to the professional, the license record will populate with the professional name and that entity name if there are multiple entities associated to the professional, the license record will populate…Read more

2017-06-26: Updated Leases List

We recently released the updated Leases List page, for those of you using the Real Estate Leases module. This project updates the look, feel and functionality of the Leases List page so that it contains the features implemented on the Licenses List page. The Leases List page now has the advanced filtering, the options menu, the ability to choose the columns to display, as well as the ability to edit from the grid.Read more

2017-02-27: Customizing Your Filing Timeline

Due to popular demand, we're making some changes to the enhanced workflow timeline to further improve the filing experience. These changes are expected to be released on Tuesday, 2/27 or Wednesday, 2/28. As before, please note that customizing the timeline is an administrator right. These changes include the following: Setting up the timeline in a central place: Now you can access the customization area by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen, clicking Setup, then clicking System Settings and then Filing Steps Timeline. Hiding steps: now you can hide…Read more

2017-02-02: Professionals to Locations Relationships

Many of our clients using the Professionals add-on module have requested that BLMS expose the relationships between those same professionals and the locations the professional licenses are now associated to. As of yesterday afternoon, this feature has been released. To see the changes, check out the Location records and the Professional records. You'll see a tab showing the relationships to the respective records. A professional record showing the location relationships: A location record showing the professional relationships:Read more

2016-07-22: Professionals Import

Friday, Jul 22, 2016 We have added the ability for users with administrator rights to import new professionals into BLMS (for clients with the professionals module enabled). Additionally, you can use this feature to update the professional information (such as address and any custom fields). To use the Import Wizard, navigate to the Setup section and select the desired activity from the Imports and Bulk Updates section. You will then be guided through a few quick and easy steps in order to import or update. You can download an import template or you…Read more

2016-06-17: Batch Renewals Updates

Friday, Jun 17, 2016 Within the next few days, we will be releasing new and improved Batch Renewal features to BLMS. The improvements will combine easy-to-use batch process functionality with enhancements to the license workflow. The result? A quick and easy batch renewal process that will cut down on time spent renewing licenses. The new version of batches will make it even easier to reduce a workflow of thousands of licenses to just a few simple batches. Ability to receive notifications about batches (expired, past due, upcoming expiration dates and upcoming due dates)…Read more

2016-03-31: Screenshots of the new Licenses List

In mid-April we will be releasing the next update to BLMS. This update will include a new and enhanced Licenses List. Some other features you may enjoy are the ability to customize columns, edit license data, and view filing data directly in the licenses grid along with more powerful filtering options.Read more

2016-01-20: Missing the Comment Field?

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 Those of you who have been using the 'comments' field to store important licensing/filing information will be glad to note that due to your feedback, we've add the field back in to your BLMS license pages! When using the Classic design, the comments field will be in the same place you're used to seeing it: Please note that there is STILL a pinned note containing the data stored in your coments field. Updating the comments field WILL NOT update the pinned note.Read more

2016-01-07: Screenshots of the new BLMS look

Thursday, Jan 7, 2016 We are really excited to launch the Enhanced Version of BLMS! This upgrade includes a complete functional redesign to the BLMS license detail page. (Note: The enhanced version is now available in all browsers, including Internet Explorer.) Please take note that the aesthetics of the rest of the site will be changing mid-January to match the redesign as well. The purpose of this redesign is to keep visual consistency within the application and make small improvements to legibility. There's no need to worry! Although we are continuing to work…Read more