2015-05-06: Improved Batch Renewals

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - by Sarah Benjamin. Check out the new and improved functionality for batch renewals. With the new format, you are now able to create a batch without any built in restrictions. Batches can be created across filings statuses, expiration dates, license types and the like. To access the batch renewals section, simply hover over the Licenses menu. From the resulting sub-menu, you can choose to Create a Batch. Once you select that menu item, you will be taken to a wizard. You will be able to filter for licenses…Read more

2015-04-03: Vendor Information

Almost every License renewal has a fee attached to it. This fee always goes to the same Vendor. As you may have noticed, there is a field for vendor information in the Barlap system. This convenient feature will allow you to easily keep track of your different vendors and reconcile your data with your accounting department. One place that this is particularly helpful is in the Renewal Workflow. When you are completing the filing, you can input the filing fees. In this area, you enter the vendor information so if you need to…Read more

2015-02-10: AUDIT Tab – an Informative review screen

Regarding a question yesterday about restoring data, as I touched on briefly during the call, it depends what kind of data gets deleted.  Let's expand on this with a post for everyone. If an association gets removed, the actual data elements still exist, but the link relating them no longer does. Often times, the audit tab on a record will show the data element that was removed. This way, the user can recreate that relationship. If I disassociated a location, the audit tab will tell me which location, so I can just re-associate, if…Read more

2015-02-10: Activating License, but Dates don’t Change?

Activating License, but Dates don't Change?  Might be the License Frequency field isn't set. When a license filing is being completed, the last step is to ACTIVATE the license.  On that step, the new renewal dates will be calculated based on the data in the License Frequency Field.  If that field is empty, the step will not pre-load any new dates. Questions come in - "I Activated the License, but the dates didn't change - why?"  This might be reason:   EDIT the license, set the frequency field and save.  From there, on…Read more

2015-02-09: Entering No Filing Fees

Entering a Fee of Zero Monday, Feb 9, 2015 Due to popular demand, you will now have the ability to enter a fee of zero. You will now notice that in the "Complete Filing" dropdown in the workflow strip, there's a link saying "This form has no fees." You can click this link to enter a fee of zero. Note that this feature is also available on Contracts, Real Estate Leases and Violations for clients who have those sections enabled.Read more

2015-01-28: Setting up Lease Details

Setting up Lease Details - Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 Check out the new options when setting up lease details. You now have the option, when entering a lease detail, to select this as a lease detail that should be added to all leases. Once this option is checked, each time a new lease is created, this lease detail will be automatically added. Additionally, existing leases will have this lease detail added to them. To set a lease detail as default, simply navigate to the Set up section. Once in the Customize portion of the…Read more

2015-01-26: Setting Rules for Default Due Dates by License Type

Setting Rules for Default Due Date Based on License Types Monday, Jan 26, 2015 Check out the new feature for creating rules to define the default due date for licenses based on license types. This new feature will allow you to automatically set the due date for a specific license type based on a set of rules. To access this page, click your user name in the top right of the screen. Select Setup. In the System Settings section of the accordion, select System Preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and…Read more

2015-01-20: User Groups

User Groups Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015 Check out the new options that were added for users. Now, you can create a user group for each of the different teams using BLMS. You then assign a task to a team or set the 'managed by' field on a license, contract, real estate lease or violation to the group. To set up a user group, click your name on the top right corner of the screen. Select setup and navigate to the Security section of the accordion. Select User Groups. Once the User Groups page…Read more

2012-12-18: Several Updates in Violations Section Display

Development has updated several items related to the display and settings in VIOLATIONS. 1) Added new status called "No Action Required" - allows users to set a Violation as completed, and note that it didn't require additional work/time for the Licensing Team.  Adds ability to designate as "completed and required work" and "completed but didn't require any time/action" 2) Added BACK TO LIST button on records; allows you to return to Violation list directly without having to go around the long way anymore. 3) The order of violations on the locations tab will now be…Read more